Aug 4, 2010

hello, interwebz

Oh hi there, it's your lucky day if your shaky hands have stumbled upon this blog. Let me introduce myself, my name is Taylor James and I ripped myself out of the womb 20 years ago. I drive a seductive red scooter and have severe road rage. My home away from home would be located at a drive-thru Starbucks,where I make hand-crafted beverages for pretentious city folk. One last tid-bit of information I know you're all craving is where I reside.. Oh lordy, let me tell you! Well, it's the bible belt of Canada, Abbotsford, British Columbia, of course!

So I defiantly feel like we have just bonded, don't you? I'm super glad we're finally acquainted with each other and I hope you'll be excited to live vicariously through me in this diary I call a blog.

My life is to be continued...