Apr 25, 2012

Still Alive?

HA-HA! Hola, mis amigos! M.I.A. Tjames is back. Back blogging off my Blackberry... Awkward, right? I hate it, but it's all I have right meow. Well -- update time. I guess I felt the need to blog because I have lost the ability to sleep; mainly to due to the fact I have a final tomorrow that I'm totally not prepared for... What else is new?!? Anyways, I've transferred stores once again.. I'm now currently in a cafe Starbucks that gets two customers per day.. (Lie) But it sure feels like it! This transfer happened because I stepped down from being a supervisor to just a lowly barista. WHOOP!

Summer is just around the corner and in a few days from now last year I was boarding a flight to Peru.. Shoot me now, because I'd rather not think about how I'm not travelling again this summer. Honestly, SHOOT ME!! I'm done with living in StabbyAbby.. (I feel gross just thinking about where I live currently..) Oh well, camping Canadian style will just have to suffice.. I guess...

Summer Look-Forward To List:
1) Being done school tomorrow
2) Having a celebratory beer after exam tomorrow
3) Messy May Long -- don't care where, just need beer
4) 3 weddings
5) 10 day vaca in June-July, don't care where, just need a beer bong
6) TULAMEEN DAYS!!!!!!!!
7) Being tanned, beaters, shorts, flip flops. (Scooting attire)

Fuck, how I love summer!

Other then whatever the hell I said above (rants and raves) I've been stupidly happy! I'm content with where I am, even though I'm not traveling. I just need to remember to go with the flow. RELEASE THE INNER HIPPY!! I'll be sure to update you twats sometime in May (don't you dare quote me, we all know my posting tendencies as of late)

PS, this post took 16 hours to type out on my phone. Hate.. So much hate!