Nov 19, 2010

Murder Mystery Party

Tonight I'm going to a murder mystery party with a few friends! I was given a role to play and here's the description, "Joseph K Awledge: costume: business suit, greesed slick hair, t shirt underneith buisness suit. Manger of Rock and Roley, sleazy, but charming. lots of gold jewellery. think 50's" I've never been to this kind of party, usually my kind of party constitutes me getting excessively drunk, and making a fool out of myself. So this will be a new little treat for me. The only downfall about going to a party like this is me having to go out and spend money on a sleazy jacket, and gold jewellery. Like I'll ever wear something like that EVER again in my life. Anyways, we'll see how this goes, and I'll post later about it.
Oh goodness. The party was such a good time! I wish I had a picture to post, but that'll come in time. So you know how I said I'd never wear the clothes again, well I bought dress pants, and they are pretty decent actually. Be jealous. And dinner...YUM. The host made burgers and curly fries, exactly like a 50's diner would. But yes, I'll post a pic of our outfits when I get access to them.

Oh, here's my most recently tagged pic on Facebook. Don't get too hot and bothered over me.
PS, this would be a fat-app on iPhones, I don't really look like this.

Nov 17, 2010


Something huge is about to happen in my life, and that is me going to Peru for three months in May!! Yes, it is about six months away, but wouldn't you be shitting your pants about it? Yeah, I thought so. Anyways, just a couple weeks ago it became official because I went and bought my flight tickets. The reason behind me going is due to the fact my Social Work degree requires that I need 400 volunteer hours before I'm accepted into the program. So why the hell not incorporate a trip to get out of the village I live in? I'm going to be living in Cusco, and hopefully working in an orphanage, or even with street youth. But it's wherever the needs are that I'll be sent.

Now here's a little som' som' that'll break your hearts and make you jealous of me.

When I'm there I plan to do a travel diary blog. So stay in touch for that.

Back From The Dead

Why hello there. So life has definitely been a little bit crazy as of late. So here's a list of everything new going on in my life.

1) I got promoted in late August to a supervisor
2) I transfered to a new Starbucks, which so happens to be a new location
3) I bought a car for a great deal
4) My ex-room mates kicked me out due to their female parts raging with hormones that I will never understand.
5) I'm officially going to Peru in May 2011 for three months!
6) And latest news, my lappy died. So I decided to splurge and buy a Macbook Pro =)
7) Second year of will be the death of me.

So now that you're caught up, I feel better.

Idea, every post I have I'm going to upload the most recently tagged photo of myself. Just to keep it fun.
So, here it goes.

And while I'm at it, here's a few more ;)