Mar 30, 2011

You Can Call Me Harry Potter

My dear friend Ashley, click the name to check out her blog, came over today and gave me my birthday gift! You don't know this fact about myself, not many people do, but I am in LOVE with the Harry Potter series. I remember on my 11th birthday I waited up till midnight to see if Hagrid would stop by and give me my Hogwarts acceptance letter, and a squished birthday cake from his oversized jacket. First of all, my birthday was ruined because the dirty bit didn't show, and secondly I was heart broken because I found out I'm just a douchy muggle... Wow, apparently I didn't know I suppressed these emotions.

Anyways, back to the point; my gift! Ashley went to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Seattle back in December, and told me she bought my birthday gift. Not only was I pissed at her because I couldn't come with, but I was also livid that she told me she bought me my birthday gift 6 million months before my birthday. I don't do well with waiting, can't you tell? So as I was opening my gift, I almost had a heart attack because I could smell the magic wafting from the bag. I pretty much ripped the bag in two because I couldn't wait any longer. To my surprise, it was a mug that showed the Marauder's Map when you put hot water in it!! There may or may not have been tears. Actually, that's what I filled the cup up with, my steaming hot tears. Creepy? No, just any other day in the life of Taylor. Thank you for the amazing birthday gift Ashley!


Yes, I will now post pictures of the mystical mug that I'm currently drinking my hot tears out of. P.S.- room mate, you're not allowed to use this mug, it's only for my muggle lips. Appreciated. If I catch you, you will most def get pink eye from dragon dung I smother your pillow with.


  1. I know what a muggle is. And that's about the only word I understood (and I learned it on the way to the exhibition, thanks carful of diehard HP fans, I don't know why you didn't leave me on the side of the highway)...I don't know what or who a Marauder is, or what the inside joke of a squished birthday cake from Hagrid means. All I know is I want birthday cake [batter]. You're welcome :)

  2. Oh. I now have hot steamy tears. Maybe I should put them in my matching mug!! Ignorant Hill did not understand the big deal with the exhibition and I'm shocked that I didn't chuck her out of the car on the freeway. She saw me buy that mug and decided to buy it for you and I've been oozing with anticipation for her to give it to you. When you were jealous over mine it took every bit of strength of me not to scream that you are going to get one.

    We need to force Hill to read the books. Or come over to our place and watch the movies...

  3. Remember when I accidentally sold your entire harry potter series at my garage sale for 50 cents. oops. you were pissed.