Nov 5, 2011

Death Cab

Oh hi there. Aren't you going to welcome me back? No? I hate you. I'm here, get over it. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago a few friends and I ventured out to Vancouver to go see Death Cab For Cutie in concert. This has always been my life long dream since Seth from the O.C. basically made them famous. I love their music to death and was so excited to see them FINALLY in concert!

The tickets my friend ended up buying were on the floor (my first time) so that made me even more excited. We got there and ended up being right up against the fence. SO CLOSE TO THEM THAT I COULD SEE THE SWEAT BEADING ON THEIR FACES! Not really, but now you get the idea. But these floor tickets brought out a weird crowd.

For example:
1) Crazy drugged up girl beside me that looked like she was having a seizure when shaking her head.
2) Crazy drunk girl who screamed at me that we all suck because we weren't as sloppy as her.
3) The same crazy drunk girl who started to grind up on me... At a Death Cab concert.
4) That SAME drunk girl who forced me to high five her.

I was so nervous. But the concert made up for all of the crazies! The only thing that I would change about the concert is for them to have played "A Lack Of Colour". But other than that, all my hopes and dreams are now fulfilled!

P.S.-- I'm super nervous as to how you can check to see how people got linked to my blog. Because I checked them today and it said that I had one person search for "Tjames nudes".... WHY IS SOMEONE TRYING TO LOOK FOR MY NUDES? I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD ANY!!!

I took some videos and pictures (NOT OF ME NAKED, CALM YOURSELVES) but since we were right at the front there was a bass speaker ruining everything. This is what I ended up getting.


  1. Very sweet, Taylor. Deathcab is one of my absolute faves. So sad to hear that Gibs & Zooey broke up. Glad you enjoyed the sweet sounds & woof, grinding drunk girl... hmm. Love that one of your tags is "life is now complete."

  2. I bet you it was Hill who searched for the nudes...

  3. Oh, I surely did enjoy the grinding drunk girl... NAWT!
    Hahaha! It most likely was Hillary!