Jan 28, 2012

One Year Coming To An End

Why hello there bloggities! It's your friendly neighbourhood baristud, tjames! How have you been? I've been busy, thanks for asking. I'm here to give you a nice little update about the good 'ole life of me. What have I been up to you ask? Well let me inform you. I'm back in school taking 3 classes. All 100 level classes, all 100 level bullsquat. It's going into the 4th week and I've already procrastinated everything school related. What's new? C's get degrees, so shut up. I've also figured out my life for the next 3 years. After those 3 years I'll hopefully have my social work degree, and I'll hopefully have a job in the field shortly after. I kind of can't wait. I hate waiting. I want to be a real adult already. Wait... Maybe I don't. Being old sucks. Let me be 21 forever, thanks.

Anyways. What this blog post is really about is me moving. I'll be moving back home in two days. Living with my parents. Eating real food. Washing my clothes. Being warm. All of these things have been a rare commodity for me this past year. Common, who really needs to wash their clothes? Lets be honest. Yes, moving back home. Here's a list of things I'll miss and not miss.

Shit on the miss-list:
I'll miss having my own house. Blasting my music at all hours of the day. Scream singing in the shower at the top of my lungs (sorry merrylou). Finding treats in the front hallway, may it be books, dinosaur toys, machine guns, and singing birds that sound like they're possessed. Waking up in the morning and having coffee with the room mate, discussing life. Screaming at and chasing the same room mate around the house. Waking up my roomie to vicious poops, and laughing about it for an hour straight. Talking to my flat mate through our bedroom walls. Drinking Palm Bays in the shower. Having the tackiest decorations in our house -- asian slave picture, babies as flowers picture, sexy Christmas apartment, etc. Heart to hearts in the stairwell. I'll miss how Mlou and I won't be common law anymore. HEARTBROKEN!!

Shit on the not-so-much-miss-list
Dying puppy above me with man yelling "no" every 5 minutes. Screaming baby from below. Drunk slut next door having angry sex and screaming at her child. Seeing a dead body on the front lawn. How our fridge died and sounded like a dog barking throughout the night. When I got locked out on the patio in the rain (don't ask me how that happened). Having to wake the room mate up one night because I had one too many wobbly pops, and couldn't unlock the door myself. I will NOT miss coming home to someone who thought it would be a good idea to smear poop along the hallway walls. How almost everybody living in this apartment building is sketchy. I can't wait to get out of the ghetto. How I never, and I mean ever had food in the house. How both Merry Lou and I didn't buy TP for 3 weeks. We went from using Dairy Queen napkins to wet naps.... I just shuddered.

I know there is so much I missed, but it's been a year and my memory isn't the same as it used to be. BUUUT, this is going to be the weirdest move I've had. I worked with Merry Lou since 2007, moved in with her in 2011. Went to Peru, came back and didn't work with her anymore. Now I won't be living with her. No work, no live. I'm a sad panda. At least I'll still get to berate her once a week while filming our barista videos.

OH, side note. I regretfully have to relocate Chairman Meow to a new home. It's been a long run with her, but the parents don't want her in their house. I'll miss giving her bum slaps and cuddles. Not at the same time, though. That's just creepy. She's going to be a farm cat, so she'll be able to run free, lose some weight, and catch mice and shred them apart like she used to the last time she was an outdoor cat. Cute.

Anyways, I'll catch you on the flip side!! But I'll leave you with this treat.

PS- I ball so hard muthaeffas wanna find me.

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