Oct 30, 2012


BLOG? WHAT'S A BLOG?! No, really.. I've missed you. Much has changed. Most of which I should not post to the internet. I really, REALLY should not post some of the things. Since April, my last post, I've been having the time of my life. Summer 2012? Oh dear god, Summer 2012.. I think I've one up'ed myself in the 'greatest summer of all time' category! I can't go into detail. No, I shouldn't. Future employers might see this. Bad tjamesonfire, BAD!

ALRIGHT, enough of me talking about not talking about stuff. Current juicies in my life. I'm currently a university drop out. ( just for the semester ) Long story short, UFV and StudentAidBC have royally punched me in the breasts. Like, my tits are lopsided it was that bad. BUT, there's a big but, I'm moving to Kamloops, B.C. in January and continuing my social work goals at Thompson Rivers University! Which means living on my own again.. Say hello to eating only salted crackers with honey mustard, and a dab of sriracha hot sauce. Oh my model-esk figure is just SCREAMING in delight! I'll also be transferring to a different Starbucks location. Which makes this the... 6th store in.. 3 years? oh-HA! Pass me around Howard, SEE IF I CARE!

In all honesty, it's time to grow up. Me moving to Kamloops where I know next to no one will be a good thing. It means less partying, I say that loosely, and more focusing on school, I say that hoping. IT'S TIME TO GROW UP, YET STILL BE FOREVER YOUNG!

PS- Happy early Halloween! Say hello to little lion man.

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